Friday, December 21, 2012

The final run in! Happy Holidays:)

The final run in! The final task for our four finalists was to create a new brand of sports wear, designed to go global. They then had to pitch it in an event to industry experts. This task took place in Manchester, home to the most valuable sports clubs in the world! The candidates were split in to two teams, they both got “helpers”, candidates that were fired earlier in the process. Ashley and Lucy against Patrick and the ever so loud Maria. Ashley and Lucy chose street wear. Ashley then went to a street wear center to meet with a focus group, she truly paid attention to what was said and did read between the lines what it is youngsters are looking for in a brand. It proved important also when it later came to key decisions regarding the brand going global. Release was born with the tag line: Strive- merge- achieve. To make sure the logo can be taken overseas, the R was central because it’s recognizable and can be used in many languages. I thought it was very cleverly done! Hard to believe these are two 16 year old girls! They chose their brand to stand for ethics . The street dancers said they don’t want just another empty brand name, they are looking for someone that cares and would give back to the street so to speak. Patrick and Maria chose to re brand cycling, making it young and hip and so, CYC was born with the tag line: Lead the way. Time to make a marketing plan! Both teams chose to make a viral video and use social media. Patrick decided to use a choir- He asked them spill in to a busy shopping mall in small groups as shoppers turn singers. At the end, they spelled out the brand ‘s name. Looking to reach young, urban and cool crowd, using a choir with an average age 35 was risky. Its a shame they were not dressed the same, the brand wasn’t visible enough to everyone. Only at the end, the people looking from above could see their name. Ashley went with a team of street dancers to the park, looking release them so to speak on unsuspecting people and then film them joining in. It was a struggle for a while but it was a fun video in the end and most important, showcased the brand perfectly. Time to brand and launch their cloths, they could choose from unbranded sports wear fitting their brand. Top professionals were going to be assessing them from Adidas to Rio Ferdinand to global marketing experts. Both gave a good fashion show and a good pitch. CYC’s issues with the professionals was the use of the choir and how it connects to the brand itself or rather the lack of it, the fact they used a student that has little money as their example so what does that say about the quality? How big is the potential to go global. For Release it was about how to translate the logo globaly, the uniqueness regarding street wear in general and how to fund the brand’s charity work. Release won! The final deciding factor between the ladies was what they plan to do with the money. While Lucy was planning to go to law school with it which by the way, was a bit strange since this is a business apprenticeship, Ashley had a solid plan in mind for either an accounting firm or a real estate management company. This made her the winner! And a very worthy one in my view. 12 candidates, 1 apprentice! I wish you all a very merry Xmas and an exciting and successful 2013! Kind regards, Diti.

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