Monday, December 17, 2012

The final candidates!

Did you know that selling at music festivals in the UK, all 800 of them, is a billion pounds business?! This week the candidates received 1,500 pounds from Lord Sugar to buy two products and sell them at one of the biggest music festivals- Womad. The teams had to choose two out of eight possible products and had one day to sell as hard as they could. This was a commercial task, each getting a personal chance though to shine by selling. Odessey was led by Lucy, they made serious mistakes from the get go... When going to meet the designers of each product they thought would sell the best, they completely forgot the basics of negotiations and how to deal with artistic types. There was no polite introduction, enthusiasm about the products or even a demo. They came right to the point of negotiating a better price, coming off rude and even cold. Second fatal mistake was their choice of products! A self powered washing machine...people come to a three day festival, surely they are not going to say: Hey, I missed Bruce Springsteen singing because I was doing my laundry... People bring enough cloths with them to such events. The team completely missed the fun aspect of the event. Platinum was led by Patrick, they didn’t choose their products too well either. Though they had a good slogan for it- Would anyone like to sit down? The portable (cardboard) toilets did not match this event. This is not really camping and it turned out the organizers offered very good facilities.. Patrick chose the seat umbrella with out thinking it’s summer, on the day it was very hot. Though both teams did their market research, they didn’t really used it. Andrew for Odessey went to the mall where no one would speak to him, Ashley went to the right area- Camden town but the PM decided to book the products before hearing the results. So, after Odessey lost the portable toilet (blessing in disguise) they chose the washing machine and the animal funzies. Platinum went with their original choice since the designers of the products loved their attitude and believed they could sell them well, even though they bid less then the other team! It was a victory in it’s self! On the day it took a while but Andrew soon realized the washing machine is more about real camping comfort and this event is too short term, he joined the rest of the team in selling the wanzies. Too bad though the pricing was more about random numbers just thrown out there with no real thought. Patrick made the same pricing mistake with the toilets, they were really over priced and therefore not sold! The umbrella did surprisingly well considering the heat, mean while, the only reason they did sell some of the toilets was Maria going around selling them for any price. Results... Both teams choose items that did not fit the type of people going to this festival! They completely missed the target group- hippies..They missed the no brainer products which were the perfect items for such an occasion- impulse purchases! Such as the solar hats or organic face paint. Odyssey's mistakes proved to be more fatal then Platinum and they lost the task. Unfortunately this was a double firing, only Lucy survived the cut. Lord Sugar did give Andrew and Steve both his business card and told them both to stay in touch! Cool! The final is coming... Stay tuned! Diti.

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