Friday, November 30, 2012

As a parent- which club would you choose?..

Time to capture the young! The apprentice- week 5: This week’s task was about inventing a new children’s club that will be fun, educational, boosting the potential within and of course, make business sense. The club will then be pitched to key investors in the business, the teams will offer them to buy their club license. Children's entertainment holds an amazingly wide range of activities and ideas anywhere from sport, to science, to arts and craft to going green. Platinum managed by Ashley, were struggling from the get go! Coming up with a concept took a very long time, Ashley simply couldn’t make a decision so while still debating between Dances from around the world and Eco art with emphasis on recycling club, they finally went out to do some market research. Strange enough, Ashley then decided to just copy the idea they witnessed at the paint club they went to! There was no convincing her to change her mind, the dancing concept did tick all the boxes required but she was having none of it. Not enough thought went into all the factors such as the horror on parents faces when they get their children back covered with paint every where, ruined cloths...The parents who are the ones paying, were not included in the research! Not to mention, there is nothing new or creative about this idea, it already exists. And so, Big mess was born! Splodge was their mascot. Odessey run by Navdeep came up with their science with a space twist concept quite quickly, they then split in to two teams and off they went to conduct their market research. They went later to a science tutor for tips and experiment ideas for the club. A fun activity was put together, they ended up calling their club Blast off! It was odd though them wanting to educate children about different areas of science and space when they didn’t even know what the planets are! They did pay attention to ticking all of Lord’s Sugar’s boxes, educational value was one of them. It was now time to create a logo, slogan, mascot and a website to go with their upcoming pitch. They had to have a live demo with children to showcase the idea. It would also help check out the children’s take on the idea, interaction and excitement level. Space face was the mascot created. There was on both teams a big emphasis on creativity and presentation and a real lack of focus on a proper business plan and pricing! Figures were just thrown into the mix with no thought later proving to coming back and biting them in the ass. Demonstration first pitch to follow...Platinum time with the children started on the slow side, some didn’t want to get so messy with the paint or get their faces painted however, once they warmed up to it they had a great time! Some sport movements with balls were incorporated in to the routine as well. The investors were very concerned about the mess, the fact that parents are not told before hand what to expect when its over- a possible 3 hours in the bath trying to get it all off not to mention, the cloths...Funny enough, money didn’t come up they did however, had to promise protective cloths to be included in the price hmm.. Odessey had a good session with the kids, they needed less encouragement to join in the fun. It was evident they were learning and enjoying themselves. The team had no real idea about pricing and when asked, couldn’t really respond well. They too promised the kit and tools needed per session to be included in the was clear they didn’t think it through. They even had spelling mistakes on their website which didn’t impress too much The board room turned out to be an annulation of... 10,950 pounds vs. 470 pounds only for Platinum! The reasons for failure were quite clear from the get go- A PM in love with her own voice, listening to no one! She thought her idea is the only idea and therefore pushed it or bulldozed it is more accurate. She completely missed the specifics of the task: New- Educational- Business sense! Their club just didn’t tick any of the boxes. It was obvious Ashley should have gone but lucky for her, poor David was in there for the forth time and Lord Sugar felt that the time has come to set him free! And then there were 7... Tune in next week for a hair raising task! Enjoy the weekend! Diti.

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