Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama vs Romney: Who is maximizing his Twitter presence?..

Hi everyone, I'm back! How was your summer? Hope you had a fun time! For me, it was all about sun, beach and family! After being away all summer, it's now time to get back to normal. Always takes me a few days to adjust back.. The election in the US is coming up, we just voted in The Netherlands, it's been interesting seeing how both governments and the candidates themselves are using social media for their election campaign. I am no expert on American politics though I am leaning towards the democrats, since the results of this election influence the whole world I have been following Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on Twitter recently. No one is above social media apparently! Even the president of the Untied States understands he needs to be on there, reaching out to his voters and being connected to the people. Following them using the same platform- Twitter is fascinating mostly because of the huge differences in their use of it. Besides the obvious differences of course such as democrat vs. republican, each has a another approach which is what I love about social media- show us who YOU are.. Obama's page for example lists on the left hand side everyone connected to his campaign such Joe Bieden and of course the first lady. People can follow them as well, tweet questions ectra. I think that's a very good move! No one is off limits to the public, showing availability is great marketing! Romeny is on his own so to speak, no information about the people beside him, who will be coming with him to the white house should he win? Of course, the names are known but the people stay out of Twitter followers reach. Their marketing strategies couldn't be more different! While Romney's tweets from the last two days are against Obama- mentioning him by name and he's not showing his personal side. Obama's tweets don't mention him in the majority of tweets, his tweets are a combination about his supporters, photos, humor, something personal, info about his plans, where he is.. Marketing wise, it's clever because his campaign staff makes sure people are aware of the support he has and where its coming from. Its not just about putting the other one down. The images they are projecting are two opposites - one seems there, available the other more closed off, mysterious, not a people's person. But that's just me.. And if we are to judge by the number of followers they both have, I think we could see clearly who the winner is! ((: Romney tweeted only 1,162 times! Even I tweeted more then him...Maybe it took his campaign manager time to realize they should be on social media. Obama has tweeted 6,164 times. He has 672,769 people he is following, Romney on the other hand, is following just 269 people! No one has told him what twitter protocol says in cases like this:) And here is the shocker- 1,145,529 are following Romney, 19,921,995 are following Obama! Take a look- These days it seems everything is out there and you can reach almost everyone- is that good or is it dangerously close to crossing the line? Feel free to share your thoughts with me! Have a fabulous weekend!