Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just how unique is your marketing?...

Standing out from your competitors is a daily challenge for businesses as well as marketers. So how do you use marketing to get noticed and stand out from the competition? This week I came across an interesting marketing concept, it is definitely unique, talk about outside the box thinking..:) We have yet to see how people will respond to this idea over time but it definitely created a buzz around this business and concept! People are becoming more aware of living healthy and changing what they eat in the process. More people today would like to know where their food comes from, they read on the packages what’s actually in their food, how its been prepared and all this is leading towards purchasing biological food. The Dutch people are buying more biological food then ever! In 2011, the Dutch spent 881 million euros on purchasing fish, meat, veggies and fruit which are biologically grown and produced. In the past couple of years, several online supermarkets have emerged, selling biological food. These sites allow you to order your shopping online. Once you placed your order, they then physically go and collect the different items for you from the farmers and suppliers, they then deliver it to your door. This can be a big help if you’re living in the city, it can be very time consuming should you choose to buy your food from the farmers directly for example. These online healthy supermarkets seem to be very popular meaning more are popping up...How can one still stay a head? One of them has decided to go the extra mile and launched a creative idea- The surprise box! The charm is that you don't know in advance what items you will be getting! Would it be a unique jam you never tried? Spices you've never heard of? Maybe good old fashioned Dutch veggies?... The risk is getting food you don't like which to me seems like a big problem however, when speaking with customers, one customer said he simply exchanges with other families around him items he doesn’t like though it doesn’t happen too often. Others have said it makes grocery shopping fun, almost like a game! Would you give the surprise box a try? So, what can you do to stand out and get your message heard? How can your brand get through all “noise”?... It's having your goals set, a marekting plan to match with attention to the smallest of details, get those creative juices flowing and.. Listen to what your audience wants and needs! See you soon! Diti.

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