Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feminine Marketing: Are women really a separate target group?...

Ryan air's 2012 cabin crew calendar started a debate by marketing professionals here in The Netherlands. There is a strong connection between creating a successful marketing campaign and knowing what makes women tic! Did you know that more then 70% of purchase decisions are made by women? Mabel Nummerdor specializes in marketing for women. She claims that many companies today spend so much money on marketing campaigns with out doing the proper research, simply forgetting or perhaps not realizing that women are in many ways the actual target group, they are responsible for the majority of purchase decisions within the home! A calendar featuring Ryan air’s stewardesses in bikinis as pin ups, is a huge marketing mistake says Mabel. Especially considering it’s women that book 58% of the family vacations! Being aware of this % means this misses the target entirely, what woman will even look at this calendar even if it does feature the different destinations available. Saying it’s for charity to me doesn’t sound credible either. Maybe they were trying to hold the stick on both ends. The men will be drawn to the photos and the women will react to the charity aspect though I seriously doubt this! When analyzing marketing strategies and ads in the market today it’s still very evident it’s targeting men! It seems odd to me because in general, women are the biggest consumers and they do dominate many areas and have strong influence on others. An example is an ad created by Opel for their Meriva modal which featured in Red, a magazine for women. The ad said “Daddy’s car is the best”. The ad uses terms like the best which men respond to much more then women, winning a competition so to speak and having the best is something that wins men over. However, it’s not how women make a decision when it comes to a purchase. Women react with more emotions, they pay more attention to details and the small print. Different language appeals to them. So Opel placed an ad in a glossy women’s magazine, however, thinking that since they are talking about a car this is the language they should use. Making it close to impossible to achieving their goal. Not to mention that if Opel realized they should recognize the power of women in the consumer world, surly then they needed and should have adjusted the ad! It’s not about the location of your ad it’s in the details, terms used and the marketing tactics behind it. Women should be a separate target group. In the US, marketers took all this data and statistics to heart and since 2000 many changes have been made and implemented in marketing efforts. A great example is Harley Davidson- At Harley Davidson, The marketing team tried to think about what it is that makes women doubt buying a bike. Women have it seems a higher sense of fear when it comes to having an accident so they decided to tackle that, they are offering training for women, teaching them also how handle a big bike. This proved to be a huge success! A local example is Eliza, an online travel website. It’s written from a view point and perspective of women. Women and language in this case were a match made in heaven. Eliza is going on vacation... the website grew very fast and became a huge success. They simply realized at Eliza who the “real” target group is and are concentrating their efforts in reaching and appealing to that group. I happen to agree with this conclusion- Women are responsible for much of the consumer’s behavior and I think it’s smart to take all that into account when creating an ad or marketing promotions. How do you view this issue? Please share!:)

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