Monday, June 4, 2012

And Lord Sugar's new business partner is...

The four finalists were called to the Institute of Directors in last night’s episode. They had to pitch their business concepts to Lord Sugar for the first time, it was also the first time the contenders heard what their competitors are putting forward. The business ideas pitched could not have been any different! Later, it was time for the most feared moment by candidates through out the seasons of The Apprentice...interviewing with Lord Sugar’s advisers: Margaret Mountford, Mike Soutar, Matthew Riley and notorious, tough-talking Claude Littner. Even the most self assured, cocky candidates have feared this moment mostly because everyone knows these guys are tough and they definitely don’t tolerate any BS! Lord Sugar's four advisors scrutinized the candidates' suitability to be Lord Sugar’s partner, they faced the ultimate grilling as their CVs, personal statements and business plans were criticized, picked through and blown apart. Ricky’s words came back to haunt him..He referred to himself through out the show as Thor and the wrestler of the business world among other things..this did not impress anyone to say the least. He regretted those statements no doubt..they all had a go at him saying his personal statements were ludicrous, childish and filled with miss placed bravado... He wanted to stand out and he did though not in a painless way... In the boardroom, Lord Sugar heard his advisor's feedback and recommendations, and then it was the final four's turn to plead their case. Jade and Nick were fired and then there were two- Ricky vs. Tom. If you were following this season then you know it was expected these two will star in the final. Nick is a smart and ambitious candidate however, I don’t think he’s ready. Lord Sugar also felt his business ideas are more suitable for the American market. Jade well, she’s Jade it was clear she would not be selected since through out the process, she had more luck really then business acumen. It was very close until the very last minute! These are two very qualified, smart and creditable people. Lord Sugar said that it’s the “devil” (risk taker) vs. safety. Claude actually said he was mesmerizes by Ricky! Never has this kind of statement been heard...:)) Tom’s business plan was very impressive and very complex, Matthew thought at first that Tom’s father was the one who actually wrote it..Tom had an idea for the wine industry not surprisingly. His plan though involved raising an amount of 25,000,000 pounds and operating a hedge fund which he has no experience with. Lord Sugar was not comfortable with having other investors on board. In the end Lord Sugar chose the simple and straight forward business idea- Recruitment for the service industries such as scientists and software developers. Ricky then gave us the biggest smile you ever saw! A well deserving winner! Ricky has made the biggest transition and really evolved through out this process. He went from calling himself Thor, descending down from the heavens to saying it’s all about what you do and not what you say! Congratulations Ricky and the best of luck! Can’t wait for the next season...Have a great week everyone!!

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