Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Apprentice- Week 9: "Less fizz, more sparkle!"

Did you know that 35,000,000 champagne bottles are imported into the UK each year? English sparkling wine has actually won many awards during the past 9 years and yet, French champagne is dominating the market. Lord Sugar feels its time to raise awareness and get people to drink more local produce. This week’s task was to create an awareness campaign for English sparkling wine. They had to create a new image, a marketing online campaign and launch a website. They will also be pitching their ideas to leading people in the industry. Ricky led team Sterling, he referred to himself as David against Goliath as Phoenix was led by Tom, an expert in the wine industry and Nick who is a technology expert. Ricky’s strategy was finding one word to describe the product and create the campaign with that in mind. After visiting a vineyard and speaking with local professionals, it was obvious its all about quality! Ricky wanted every aspect of their work to reflect just that. No cheesy ads then... Gaby showed once again her creativity and after visiting the local supermarket for inspiration regarding colors, fonts and logos, she came up with the logo of the English rose in a shape of champagne glass. Stephan did not actually contribute much to the task because he simply missed the plot! It was not about selling the product but re branding it and raising awareness for it. He ran around the supermarket looking for someone who can explain prices and target groups- all irrelevant information. In his defense though, they all missed the basic idea as will be proven during their pitch later. Stephen suggested the word Grandeur as their name....raising awareness for English wine when using a French name! Hmmm... To my surprise, the team used the name! On Tom’s team things where a bit odd this week. Tom took Adam to visit a vineyard and later a wine tasting, he even conducted a wine tasting of his own later..they did get a bit drunk while Jade and Nick were left holding the beg for most of the first day. Tom was having fun while they worked, well he was the PM..:)) They did the marketing, the website and ad. They chose ESW- English sparkling wine as their name. Incorporating as much English as possible for recognition. They decided to create a label for manufactures to be able to use and put on their bottles with this name so it will be easily recognizable by consumers. I thought that was an interesting idea though I cant see wine manufactures going for it. I would expect them wanting to use their own branding. Otherwise, the site was quite boring. Ricky created a more colorful website with a vision in mind- English heritage and quality. They chose gold, black and white colors projecting luxury and recognition. There was also an option to create a database of interested people, a forum and social media was incorporated as well. They gave a lot of attention to the details. However, both teams went in the direction of sales, speaking to existing/regular clients. There was nothing to create new buzz, attract new customers, nothing about why you should drink it for example. The ads created by both were if were honest, quite awful.. Though Ricky said specifically no cheese! Jena created a very cheesy wedding ad which she thought was humorous. Adam tried to show you don’t need a special occasion to drink so it showed people meeting up in the pub for dinner. Watching Adam this week was hilarious! He didn’t even know what champagne is and where the name comes from, he kept calling himself a chorographer (instead of director)even though there was no dancing involved.. I cant see Lord Sugar ever working with someone like that but he is funny Ill give him that. In the boardroom it was clear Ricky had good ideas&a clear vision like his slogan- Less fizz more sparkle! His pitch was good, a lot of attention to details but a very cheesy, done to death ad and even though Tom seemed to not have a clear vision and created a boring campaign with no raising awareness story, the experts felt it was still better so Phoenix won. For Tom, it was a close call. I do think he would have gone home, he didn’t do too much his team did all the work while he was basically drinking. Very odd behavior on his part. It was close for Stephen as well. This time it was obvious he can talk the talk but in action, he has very poor performance and the guy can not take any responsibility! Jena was fired for the cheesy ad and for missing the point of both the task and the fact that she disrespected the product, not understand the damage a campaign like that can do. Stephan was told he is the next PM and he better win or else..Cant wait! I actually think that in spite the hard work, both teams should have lost. They totally missed the point from start to finish with out achieving their objectives at all. As always, I'm happy to hear your comments and ideas about this week's episode! Enjoy the weekend!

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