Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Apprentice- week 10: Two for the price of one!

This week’s task was about getting good deals for a fashionable discount site. Both teams had to go out and negotiate the best luxury daily deals they can find to feature on the daily discount company website for 24 hours. They met the CEO who emphasized that they will only accept high end experiences, his team would have to approve the deals before they go live. As ordered by Lord Sugar, Stephan was the pm for team Sterling, Jade was pm for team Phoenix. From the get go, they had totally different strategies and implementation technics. Stephan had a very clever idea, he ordered his team to come back with multiple deals from each business! He did not want to waste time so they booked their appointments on the go, at times having to make decisions under stress. Never a good also caused Stephan to get carries away with multiple deals as opposed to getting first quality high end offers. Jade however, decided to go with quality and not quantity which is a bit odd to me- If you find a business offering a luxury service and you close a deal with them, that means they fit the criteria right?.. Then why not get more from each client?! Well, she didn’t recognize this option. She also wanted to take the time to book appointments so they did that from the office, giving them time and space to select well. Stephan&Gaby came back with multiple deals from a dentist office, gold center and a fish spa (Gaby’s idea). However, there’s nothing high end about this service! Even the owner of the spa himself said he doesn’t think this will be considered a high end experience...No one was listening though. Ricky came back with multiple deals for dinner&lunch from a high end hotel restaurant and a Michelin star restaurant. Funny enough, he had to close each deal with scallops..high end dish I suppose. Stephan did want to send Ricky to a very famous spa hotel which was outside the city, Ricky thought he should stay in town as there are more options in London. Here is an important lesson- Don’t ignore your gut instincts! Stephan caved in but the team missed out on one of the most popular deals people look for on such websites. They had a total of 9 deals. Jade’s team came back with a package for a high end spa and a couple of lunch and dinner deals. In total 6 deals. The website approved however only 3 deals from Sterling and only 2 deals from Phoenix! Sterling sold 7 units of a golf package while Ricky’s deal sold out completely!! He could have pushed them for more units but due to lack of experience in this area, he did think 300 units will be the right amount as it’s only live 24 hours. Stephan and Gaby brought in 350 pounds, Ricky brought in 6,213 pounds! Phoenix sold 70 units of the lunch special however, their spa package sold for 8,630 pounds total income: 14,563 pounds! Making them the winners! Stephan must have been kicking himself for not sending Ricky to the spa hotel, a guaranteed success. Ricky should have gotten more units from the restaurants. For Jade, it was a lucky save as her way of approaching and negotiating leaves much to be desired. One of the clients actually told Jade that when she comes to a business meeting, she should come with intelligence! The spa deal saved her. Lord Sugar’s finger worked over time this week- it was a double firing! Stephan for his caving under the pressure and having no direction leading to bad choices. Gaby for not having a business acumen. It was time for Lord Sugar to see clearly and identify who will not be his partner. Honestly, they should have been gone and it's not too soon either! The final is almost here...Can't wait! Have a wonderfull weekend:)

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