Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fine dining on the street- The apprentice.

Week 6- Setting up a mobile gourmet restaurant in Edinburgh. This week’s task proved a tricky one for both teams and it needed a lot of attention to details. Location was crucial this week. The teams had to come up with one gourmet signature dish and sell it on the streets of Edinburgh out of a mobile restaurant. The emphasis was on the quality of the food just as much as on keeping costs low and maximizing profit margins. This week Lord Sugar chose the PMS himself. Team Sterling’s PM was Jenna team Phoenix’s PM was loud mouth Adam, he finally had to put his money where his mouth is... Sterling decided to go Scottish and created a beef casserole with haggis. Phoenix decided on Italian cuisine, though there were other suggestions from the team, Adam felt this was the best way especially since the costs can be kept low. When Tom suggested sushi Adam actually asked who eats sushi? no one in his right mind would do that he said... Both teams got culinary experts to assist them in creating and making the dish. Phoenix got to work with a famous Italian chef. He helped them with their meatballs and pasta idea. Adam was very cheap, he wanted to cut out from the dish even the fresh rosemary... Sterling had the help of a famous local chef to create their dish thinking that by going local, it will appeal to tourists as well. Jenna played it risky and went for high quality ingredients. They did get a chance to go to a food fair first to do some market research and see how its done. The next step was branding a remodeling the “store”. Adam asked Stephan, Jade and Katy to do the branding and marketing. Sterling’s process was actually done more as a team. Adam wanted to use the chef’s name as he was Italian and well known, that was a good idea however, the sub team disagreed and chose to go with “Utterly delicious” as a compromise they added meatballs. It didn’t sound Italian, as far as branding goes it was a missed opportunity. They could have sounded more authentic, this chef was very well known and they didn’t cash in on that though he was happy to help them. The sub team actually made many of the decisions, Adam had just a little too much faith and dependence on Stephen and Katy in my view so as a manager, he had no authority nor control. The teams had to arrange licensing as well. Sterling did make some calls to the city information center for example to figure out where would be the best location. They added the tourist twist and got dressed up in Scottish outfits to get people in the mood, they even had a guy playing traditional pips to attract attention. Katy told the team they should go to the football stadium since the Ranges were playing that day and the team agreed. Though their costs were only about 50 p (what??) Adam decided to price it at 5.99 pounds! Had he priced at at a reasonable 2.99 pounds more suitable for a football crowed, it would have been different. Lord Sugar said it best:”... the Rangers don’t even pay their striker that much..” it was too expensive, the dish didn’t look good and sales were low. The sub team put costumes on, Katy was actually dressed as a pizza..they took to the streets to try drive traffic from the streets as they realized they have to move. Stephen saw a tour operator and made a deal with the driver. The bus goes out every 15 minutes, they were allowed to go on and promote them selves. Thinking they hit the jackpot, they called Adam excitingly to say move here to where the bus stops, traffic will be crazy! Katy treated the people on the bus like silly children so there were no takers, they also missed the next bus..Stephen made the decision its time to quit and went a head to help selling with the others. It was a good idea which was poorly executed. Sterling took Schot’shot to a busy location, they did struggle a bit to sell resulting in them moving to another location. The problem Jenna faced was that she had no room to maneuver qua price, their costs were high. Adam went quickly from 5.99 to 2 pounds... In the board room Sterling was the winner! It turned out the sales team’s hard work and Jenna’s risky strategy paid off. They spent 268 pounds but they made a profit of 319 pounds. Adam’s team spent only 90 euros! Adam was simply too greedy therefore the profit was only 298 pound which is amazingly low considering. Had he sold for a reasonable price fitting the location he would have sold much more turning a healthy profit. The failure of the task lay primarily with the location combined with a high price for something that looked like dog food if were honoest and the branding team making wrong decisions. Stephen was very good at fending everything in the direction of others on the sub team. A very un attractive quality when you cant accept responsibility. Adam showed his market trading mentality (his day job outside the process) is very much present and doesn’t fit a business such as the one Lord Sugar is interested in however, he did get a second chance and so, in the end Katy was fired. Rightly so, she pushed the wrong location, she wanted to price the dish even higher then Adam at 7.99 which is crazy. She too, missed an important opportunity within the branding. She failed to see the benifits of using the chef’s name and she's a brand developer...–it was time for her to go. Adam and Stephen should be next... Was Lord Sugar right? Please add your thoughts and comment below! Have a great day! Diti.

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