Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Apprentice- Making movement into money!

Tonight’s episode was acceptingly good and it ended with a total shock too but let’s take it from the top.. Lord Sugar thought up a great task this week requiring real innovative thinking. The teams had to invent a new form of fitness programme and license the rights to run it to gyms across the nation. Making movement into money! So leading team Sterling was Ricky Martin (he must get a laugh or two when he introduces himself..) I thought their concept was good, they chose to combine two popular trends rather then invent a completely new workout. They combined martial arts and dance, they called it- Beat Battle. Ricky and Laura came up with the movements and the workout. These were to feature in the promotional video. They went to a boxing arena and asked the help of a dance group to decide on the moves.
Later Duane was put in charge of the video, he chose however, not to listen to any feedback from the sub team and flew solo so to speak.
Ricky was in charge of the pricing: 45 pounds per month and two months free if they chose a yearly package. A little on the expensive side. All in all, they did a good job. Ricky delivered the pitches very well, they even added the moves live demonstrated by Laura I thought that was a nice touch.

Leading Phoenix was Stephen which actually works in the health and fitness industry. I must say, they were silly like their workout from the get go. One of their ideas was to actually do something with speed dating..
I was expecting them not to be taken seriously. They went retro-disco with an 80s feel and decided to go for something totally unique-Groove Train. The name is as silly as the workout...
They incorporated props like skipping rope, space hopers and hoola hops into their routine.

The focus/help group was three dancers dressed like Olivia Newton John when she was doing Physical! Adam added some Michael Jackson/thriller movements making everyone watching cringe.. The video was a cheesy as they come, showing 5 signature moves shot in a 80s night club.
They priced it lower at 35 pounds per month or 13,500 for a yearly based package.

They had a really big problem though, when asked about the props Stephan just blurred out they will supply all the equipment. He had no idea how much that would actually cost, initially he said 3.5 pounds per kit.
Had this task been about profits they would have lost for sure but it was about selling licenses for their workout.

Entering the board room, I was thinking this week it’s clear! The Groove Train is ridiculous, the industry execs they pitched to were concerned about the room the props will take up and the target group.
Surly they are about to go down...

The first chain hated them, they did like Beat Battle but not as is. They offered first to develop it further.
Chain two hated the Groove Train too and liked Beat Battle so they bought licensing for 2,950 pounds.
The 3rd chain hated Beat Battle (what??) and lord and behold, they liked Groove Train for the family market (again, what??) They bought licensing for 12,850 pounds..
Phoenix actually won! I'm pretty sure anyone watching, didn't see that coming...I didn’t expect anyone to take them seriously but there you go!

The feedback from the execs said Ricky was good, well prepared with a very good concept the problem lay with execution, meaning the video. It didn’t show enough combat moves it did show too much dance which already exist in the market.
For that, Duane was fired..Shame! He was good and very competent.

Yes, he made major mistakes in directing and editing but he was not the weakest member of the team. Ricky made a bad management move and brought in with him the people that contributed the most, allowing once again for the others with close to zero impute slide on to next week.

Who would you fire? Cant wait for next week...!

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