Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is social media the only marketing strategy you need?..

Last week I took part in a webinar discussing marketing and the role of social media within a business’s marketing mix.
The people that registered for the webinar, covered all aspects of marketing, online marketing, social media, PR and advertising. It was very interesting to brain storm and get a rounded opinion on this issue since social media frenzy in some cases, is an everyday discussion among professional marketers and business owners. What is the ideal plan for a business when creating a marketing strategy and a marketing mix? Can social media lead to paying clients or is it just exposure leading to name recognition?..Hmmm Just like in every other discussion, there were many different opinions and great oppositions:)
The most important issue leading to a very heated discussion was whether or not, social media presence such as Facebook or Twitter for example, can replace the traditional so to speak marketing tools. Some marketers seem to think that since everything is online these days, it’s how potential clients do most of their research and shopping online marketing using social media can be the primary marketing technic. They saw no need to add other tools to the mix. Other professionals, believe that since measuring ROI (return on investment) on social media is close to impossible and most people really don’t understand it though they will never admit to it, social media alone can not take the place of other methods of marketing. They saw it a waste of time actually. As the internet and social media evolve one thing is clear – Even the skeptics out there must admit that a brand must have an online presence, social media presence! It's about balance. Online marketing holds great oppotunities but they are not enough on their own. Old & New should be combined for maximium effect, I think the bottom line is indeed finding the right combination and balance between social media and other marketing tools fitting your specific business needs. Each business has different goals, targets different age groups ect. The social media strategies one chooses must be inline with these goals and ideas otherwise, all marketing efforts will be in vain. Building a website or creating a business page and assuming the clients will follow isn't enough, this is a learned skill and should be looked at it in this way. Social media marketing is more long term. It's about building online engaging communities & relationships and not about push marketing. Here comes the traditional marketing tools into play such as fliers, ads in the papers, sampleing and more. Make sure you create the right marketing mix covering all your bases. To your success!

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