Sunday, September 11, 2011

The fallen heros of 9/11..

What were you doing on 9/11 2001?
Non of us will ever forget that day, just like older generations will not forget what they were doing the day JFK was killed.
No matter where you live, things would never be the same again!

I was sitting in an internet cafe in TA, the TV was on and from the corner of my eye I saw the planes hit the towers but it didn't register at first. To this day it remains un believable but it's all too real.
The horror and pain men inflict on one another is beyond understanding.
Never before did so many fire fighters die in one rescue. 345 heros trying to help the people trapped in the towers with no regard for their own safety.
I'm pretty sure that these fire fighters knew deep down they will not make it out they still went in.
20 police officers and 18 port authority agents, thousands of people who lost their life in the towers and the other two planes.

I had a friend, his name was Bob and we met in TA. I had a chain of car washes at the time and one of our business accounts was the American embassy.
It sounds silly maybe even strange but my best&long life friends are American diplomats I met while they came to get their cars washed. We all become a tight group and we hung out all the time.
Bob was attached to the embassy, he joined our group when he was in town.

The last time I saw him he asked me to help him pick a ring for his lady.
We ended up designing a custom made ring for her.
The next thing I heard was that he was on the plane that crashed on that field outside Pennsylvania.

There are so many stories of heart break, fathers, sons, mothers and daughters that perished that horrific day and all for what?
Because 19 people decided to die in the name of Islam and become so called shahids.
People do terrible things in the name of god and religion and it's sickening!
I’ve talked to Muslims about this issue many times, they all say the Koran forbids this and it goes against everything Islam stands for and yet...

The hijackers are criminals of the worst kind not warriors like they would like to be referred to.
I have to say as an Israeli, I know about defending your boarders and citizens. We know all about terror attacks long before the rest of the world understood we are really up against.
We are dealing with a small group of extremist I know that, we can not generalize and we shouldn’t, we shouldn’t judge a whole religion by it’s rotten apples so what do you do?!

Bosh decided to go to war. War on terror which is an odd and ridiculous name in my view.How do you declare war on terror? it’s like declaring war on evil not a war your going to win...
They said invading Iraq is for our safety, that Saddam might sell his chemical weapons on ectra. All we know all these years later is that in both countries bloodshed is a daily event. The events of 7/7 in London for example prove that being in Iraq and Afghanistan doesn’t protect us further. Thousands soldiers died, 8,000,000 refuges and 400,000 injured...and most of all it just gives terrorists another excuses to retaliate- links to occupation, telling the world they wont stop until Nato clears out.

I hope things will change for the better and soon!

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