Monday, May 2, 2011

Are you a royalist? I call it how I see it..

The monarchy is an issue I often think and talk about. How does it transcend through centuries? What is it about a royal family that captivates people? Why are we willing as tax payers to pay so much money so they can live in that crazy luxury?

This past week or so was all about the royal wedding of Will&Kate.
So much has happened around the world, innocent people died in Marakesh, in the US,in Syria but all we saw and heard was about were the wedding preparations. Senseless interviews with one of the bridesmaids of Princess Diana for example, talking to the family's cook from the 90's..
I don't think the wedding should have been put off but some proportion in terms of coverage would have nice.

Don't get me wrong, I wish them happiness (just like I would all newlyweds)I also wish them all the luck in the world god knows, they are going to need it!!
We all saw the true colors of that family when Princess Diana died. How cold, insensitive, detached from the people they are.
The hope and future of this family really does lie in the hands of William and his brother Harry.
It's comforting to see the great influence Diana had and still has on her boys.

I wonder why it is that I am one of the few that thinks that with all due respect to the royals, it's time to strip down this institution, there's no room for this in these modern time.
I am all for tradition but it has to make sense. Just because it's tradition doesn't mean it should live on! That's not good enough reason.

The point being we are all equals! Alike! Aren't we?

Someone decided centuries ago that someone else who was born an ordinary person is for some reason more worthy, beter and therefore should live in the palace off the hard work of the "common" people?!
Their blood isn't really blue..

The people need someone to guide them, help govern, represent them I understand all that. Why a king or queen? Many countries are represented in other ways, monarchy is just one way to do it.

The royal family costs the tax payer a ridiculous amount each year, they are allready amoungest the richest in the world! When the Dutch queen mother past away, she left her children 250,000,000 euros...

During the week I heard someone say the royals make him proud, each and everyone of them...
What are people so proud of? Yes, the royals are English but what have they really done for the nation? How did Prince Charless contribute not to mention Camilla..:)
I asked Dutch people this past queen's day the same question. Most said it's tradition so they should stay on however, the funding and allowance they get should change! Some said it should be over and the younger people said it's just a day to party..

The Dutch family is less distant from the people, they are out there connecting. You can see Prince Mauris on his bike around Amsterdam, maybe that's a part of the reason people like them.

So many brave men&women that are not famous do so much MORE each day and against all odds and no one even notices!

They are responsible for many scandles of all kinds across Europe. From having affairs, to sex scandals, to illegitimate children..Showing they are just normal human beings no better then you and I!
When people in public office are caught in sex scandals for example, they must resign and their career is over.
What happend when the king of Sweden was seen in photos partying with hookers? A few days of outrage and then back to normal..

Maybe just like everything else it's all about marketing&packaging!

The monarchy every where is marketed as something relevent, something the people need, that there's something in it for the people besides funding the family. Maybe it's the whole fairy tale thing however, mostly it doesn't hold up in reality.
Most marriges in the English royal family ended in bitter divorce.
When Lady Di married, every little girl and woman out there thought wow! how lucky is she to become a real princess and later, no one would have traded places with her under any circumstances!

We cheer a commoner married in to that family...I think the royals should cheer someone like Kate agreed to this and is going to save them like Lady Di did. It's no wonder she was and still is the most loved memebr of that family ever...

I hope one day we'll all see the light..
Maybe if Mr. Blair hadn't been so understanding during the death of Lady Di that day would have allready come.
I have nothing personal against the families it's self after all, non of us really know them- we know the image they want us to see&know.
I just feel the power should go back to the people! People who are going to represent the nation should be elected and should have consequence to their actions!

"The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice."
George Eliot

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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